Coffee, Vodka, Donut, Milkshake... Ohh My!

Well if that didn’t catch your attention, it sure did to over 10,000 caffeinated, boozy, freak shake lovers at the New York State Fair!

Spiked Coffee Milkshake

While milkshakes are not a new concept, adding some booze, copious amount of toppings, syrups, candy and/or pastries, you’ve got yourself a highly profitable menu item that practically sells itself.

“In addition to using 1911 Cold Brew Coffee Vodka, its ingredients include locally sourced Byrne Dairy Chocolate Milk and Whipped Cream, and roasted coffee from Recess Coffee of Syracuse (which also supplied the cold brew coffee used in the vodka).

All those ingredients are mixed in a Taylor slushie machine. The drink is then topped with a drizzle of chocolate syrup and two small cider apple donuts as a garnish.”

Tipsy Cow Coffee Milkshake

Tipsy Cow Coffee Milkshake