Certified Pre-Owned

We at Taylor Upstate know that new isn't the only option. There are lots of reasons why a preowned machine is the right choice. We also know that there are a lot of nightmares on the open market and internet. That's why you can put your trust in our Taylor Certified Pre-Owned!  Only an authorized Taylor distributor can offer certified quality pre-owned ice cream machines, frozen beverage and cooking equipment that have being carefully chosen and reconditioned only with Taylor Authorized Genuine Parts.

All our pre-owned ice cream machines, frozen beverage and cooking equipment pass a rigorous diagnostics check and tested by our certified EPA master technicians. Only then after passing our 50 Point Inspection, equipment is approved, prepared and certified to be sold as a Taylor Pre-owned Certified.

Taylor Upstate guarantees all pre-owned machines by extending all warranties for 365 days on Parts and Labor after purchase As always, delivery, installation and training are included with ALL equipment. New or certified pre-owned.

Don't be a statistic and trust the "As-Is" internet junk yard! 

Our pre-owned equipment is in high demand because of the substantial benefits and reduce pricing, CALL US  to see what is available and start making profits today!

Our 50 point inspection and diagnostic check includes:

  • Replace rear shell bearing

  • Install new Tune-up Kit

  • Replace scraper blades

  • Steam clean machine

  • Powder coat frame

  • Adjust draw swithces

  • Set drive couplings

  • Adjust water valves

  • Check / replace contactors

  • Adjust Belts

  • Tighten all electrical connections

  • Clean contacts on all electrical starters

  • Check hopper refrigeration

  • Adjust E.P.R valves

  • Set expansion valves to proper psi

  • Check or change refrigerant

  • Check initial freeze down time

  • Clean or replace casters

  • Inspect or replace pump parts

  • Inspect feed tube

  • Replace air orifice

  • Replace damaged hopper covers

  • Wash & Sanitize all parts

  • Winterize all water cooled units

  • Prepare for storage

  • Check condenser fan operation

  • Check / replace water cooled water valves

  • Check beater motor reset buttons

  • Check beater assemblies

  • Check for water leaks

  • Record compressor head pressures

  • Replace dented panels

  • Install new cord

  • Replace cord caps to code

  • Check cycle times

  • Replace hopper gasket

  • Set freezing cylinder temperature

  • Set hopper temperatures per NY health code

  • Set stand-by temperatures per NY health code

  • Check mix indicator lights & sensors

  • Check drive shaft allignment

  • Check / replace freezer door

  • Check / replace draw valves

  • Check / replace prime plugs

  • Adjust set screws for proper overrun

  • Clean condensers

  • Check compressor amperage draws

  • Check beater motor amperage draws

  • Check pulley alignment

  • Replace belts