Beer Slushes & Craft Cocktails


“The alcoholic beverage market is booming, with alcohol sales in the United States exceeding $253.8 billion last year,” said Vickie Sims, global brand marketing manager, Taylor Company. “The Zamboozy was designed to make it easy for owners/operators to turn ordinary craft brews and cocktails into trending frozen adult beverages that will keep patrons coming back all summer long.”

It’s no secret that Taylor has been the forefront of innovation, bringing you boozy soft serve, sangria soft serve and now they’re creating a huge buzz at the Las Vegas Nightclub and Bar Expo.

They have just introduced a new machine to the restaurant, bar and nightclub market that makes frozen carbonated beverages like:

  • craft beer slush

  • coffee/cinnamon vanilla rum cream liquor/Irish cream & vodka cocktail slush

  • cranberry, pomegranate, vodka & soda cocktail slush

  • orange soda & cinnamon liquor slush craft beer slushes