Flavor Blend

The Flavor Blend soft-serve system connects to your current soft-serve machine and allows you to offer your customers a variety of flavors from one freezer! Simply select your flavor(s) from the touch screen and draw your serving; the Flavor Blend systems instantly mixes in the flavors at the spout. This one-step / no mess machine results in a fun, colorful treat filled with great-tasting premium flavors!


  • Offer up to 8 flavors, with the ability to combine flavors in one serving.
  • Choose from 30 different soft-serve flavorings, from classics like Chocolate and Strawberry, to more unique flavors like Pistachio, Birthday Cake and Butter Pecan.
  • Concentrated syrups are stored in 1-gallon ready-to-install bags, have a long shelf life and do not require refrigeration.
  • The Spout Assembly installs directly onto your Taylor soft serve spout
  • Each unit has a sanitizer tank that allows for simple clean-in-place sanitation of the spout, syrup lines, pumps, and bag connectors.