Cleaning your Single Serve Taylor Machine

Operational video for the Taylor single serve freezers. C706, C707, C708 & C709

Cleaning your Taylor Single Serve Ice Cream Freezer

Step 1 Prepare a sink with an approved 100 PPM cleaning/ sanitizing solution (examples: SteraSheen®). USE WARM WATER AND FOLLOW THE MANUFACTURER'S SPECIFICATIONS. Make sure all brushes provided with the freezer are available for brush cleaning. 

Step 2 Thoroughly brush clean all disassembled parts in the cleaning solution, making sure all lubricant and mix film is removed. Be sure to brush all surfaces and holes, especially the holes in the pump components and the draw valve holes in the freezer door. Rinse all parts with clean, warm water. Place the parts on a clean, dry surface to air dry overnight.

Step 3 Return to the freezer with a small amount of cleaning solution. Using the black brush, clean the rear shell bearing at the back of each freezing cylinder.

Step 4 Using the black brush, clean the drive hub opening in the rear wall of each mix hopper.

Step 5 Wipe all exterior surfaces of the freezer with a clean, sanitized towel. Note: The brush clean counter will reset to zero at this time.