Cleaning your Taylor Frozen Beverage

Learn how to clean, sanitize, assemble and disassemble your Taylor frozen beverage machine. This video shows a Taylor 428.

Cleaning Your Taylor Frozen Beverage Machine

Step 1 Prepare a 2- 1/2 gallon (9.5 liter) pail of cleaning/sanitizing solution with an active chlorine concentrate of 100 - 200 PPM (parts per million). USE WARM WATER AND FOLLOW THE MANUFACTURER’S SPECIFICATIONS.

Step 2 Pour the cleaning solution into the hopper and allow it to flow into the freezing cylinder.

Step 3 While the solution is flowing into the freezing cylinder, brush-clean the mix hopper, float switch, and mix inlet hole.

Step 4 Place the power switch in the WASH position. This will agitate the cleaning solution in the freezing cylinder.

Step 5 Place an empty pail beneath the door spout and move the draw handle to the right. Draw off all the cleaning solution. When the solution stops flowing from the door spout, move the draw handle to the left, and place the power switch in the OFF position.