Cleaning your Taylor C161 Soft Serve


The video will show you how to clean, disassemble, re-assemble, sanitize & prime Taylor models c161, 161, 162 & 168


Cleaning your Taylor C161 Soft Serve

1. Prepare an approved 100 PPM cleaning solution (examples: 2 gal. [7.6 L] of Stera-Sheen®). Use warm water and follow the manufacturer's specifications.

2. Pour 1 gal. (3.8 L) of cleaning solution into the mix hopper and allow it to flow into the freezing cylinder.

3. While the solution is flowing into the freezing cylinder, brush clean the mix hopper and the mix inlet hole.

4. Press the WASH key to cause the cleaning solution in the freezing cylinder to agitate.

5. Place an empty pail beneath the door spouts and raise the draw valve. Draw off all the cleaning solution. When the solution stops flowing from the door spouts, close the draw valves. Press the WASH key to cancel.

 Repeat step 1 through step 5 for the other side of the machine.